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Welcome to state of the art 3T MRI facility in the heart of Dublin city near the Pearse DART station. Nova 3T MRI located on the Pearse Street, Dublin 2 is a state of the art centre dedicated to MRI scan and is open for all private MRI referers. With the most advanced equipment for MRI, Nova 3T MRI is one of the best MRI scan centres in Dublin, Ireland.
At Nova 3T MRI, we put patient care first above everything else. We understand that getting an MRI appointment requires a wait time of atleast 3 to 4 days. But we make things easier for you. We help schedule appointments sooner with very less wait time and can even schedule on the same day as per the request of the physician or general practitioner.
Our private MRI scan centre in Dublin, Ireland have experienced and professional staff and all the radiologists at our MRI scan centre in Dublin are specially trained and certified. At Nova 3T MRI, we use the most advanced state of the art diagnostic imaging technologies to ensure that both our patients as well as general practitioners and physicians benefits. By choosing 3 Tesla MRI over 1.5 Tesla MRI, you will be benefited with advantages like increased image clarity thereby reducing the need of repeated scans, shorter examination time and provides a pleasant patient experience in terms of comfort.
Nova 3T MRI is privately held and thus provides the fast and best service with the advanced MR Imaging techniques and cutting edge 3T MRI technologies. We are based in a convenient location in Dublin making it easier for our patients to reach us. We arrange fast and flexible appointments for MRI scan and therefore you don't need to worry about the long queue. General Practitioners and Chartered Physicians can refer their private patients to us. Also, the patients are able to get their MRI scan reports withing 48 hours of scan.
We offer cheap yet the best MRI scan in Dublin, Ireland and stands out in the service we provide our patients. We offer an affordable pricing plan for MRI scan that starts from €180. Contact us today to know more about our MRI scan cost in Dublin, Ireland.

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Frequently Asked Questions on MRI Scan

MRI or 'Magnetic Resonance Imaging' is a technique used to produce high-quality vivid pictures of even the minute area of our body undergoing scanning. It uses magnetic field and radio frequency pulses to take clear images of our internal organs, tissues, blood vessels and virtually all internal parts of the human body. Undergoing an MRI scan helps to identify the presence of any diseases or any abnormalities of the internal organs or even malformation or inflammation of any blood vessels.
It's been over 25 years since MRI has been in practice and till now there are no reported side effects. MRI does not use ionizing radiation and is one of the safest medical procedure to undergo. Contact us if your answer is 'yes' to the following questions. This is to ensure you are safe to undergo a MRI scan

Do you have a cardiac pacemaker or metallic heart valves?

Are you pregnant or may be pregnant?

Have you undergone any surgery recently?

Do you have a hearing aid?

Do you have a cochlear implant?

Do you have any metal fragments or metal implants in your body, like aneurism clips, stents, steel surgical staples, plates etc?

MRI is strictly not recommended for pregnant women during their first trimester as the effect of MRI to the fetus is unknown.
You do not need to do any special preparation before your MRI scan and can continue with your normal daily routine. You can eat and drink and can take in prescribed medicines as usual. But, there can be circumstances when your doctor ask you to follow some special instructions. Arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment and wear clothes that have no zips, metal buttons etc. Also, you must keep watches, hair clips, hearing aids, credit cards, jewellery and all other valuable possessions at home. You should also tell us about any special circumstances (for example, if you are prone to claustrophobia, if you need wheel-chair access, if you have difficulty in hearing, or if you have poor eyesight etc.).
You don't need to worry about anything as our MRI staff will take care of you. The MRI radiographer will explain the procedure to you so as to be aware of the entire process. We will once again check with the MRI safety questionnaire and ask you to sign the consent form. You will also be asked to remove all metals on your body.
After this, you may be asked to change into the gown. You are now supposed to lie down on the MRI bed that moves into the MRI scanner. The radiographer will give you instructions to make your scan a comfortable one. Once your body is inside the scanner, the radiographer will position you so that the part of your body to be scanned is in the middle of the scanner. You are supposed to stay still as moving your body may result in distorted images.
Once you are comfortable inside the scanner, you will be given ear plugs/headphones to wear to reduce the loud thumping and humming noises during the MRI scan. If you have difficulty during the scan and need any help, you will be able to use an emergency call bell.
You may resume your usual activities after the MRI scan. You can drive home after the MRI scan and return to work if you need to.
The scan can take from 30 minutes to 1 hour and depends on the area being scanned.
Your body needs to be still during the entire scan in order to get accurate images. You will be able to communicate with the MRI radiographer performing the scan any time via a two-way intercom system and he/she will also use it to give you special instructions so as to make you as comfortable as possible in the scanner. If you require their attention at any point of time during the scan, there is a call bell provided.
The radiologist will check the scan results and will send a report to the referring doctor or consultant within 48 hours.
Yes, you can bring your relative or friend with you if this help you feel more comfortable during your scan. The person you bring must, for their own safety remove all metal objects and complete a a safety questionnaire before they enter the scan room. Children will not be allowed into the scan room. So, you will need to make arrangements for them before you come to your appointment.
You can contact us on 01-5649483 or 0879574416 if you have any questions or concerns. We are happy to help you with further information.

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